Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dragon Trainer Party

All four of my boys have a summer birthday and they are all only weeks apart so I decided that this year I was going to have one big party for all three of my little ones. {My oldest turned 14 so he opted out of the party :)} Sounds like a great idea in theory, however, there were a few hurdles along the way. For example my two year old wanted a pirate party, which if you read an early post, he some how managed to get as a bonus party. And then there are my four year old twins, one wanted a monster truck party and the other wanted rainbows and ponies. {Yes, I said four boys, and yes I just said rainbows and ponies. :)} So needless to say it was no small task to get them all on the same page. After much discussion, and a little bribing, they all agreed on dragons because How to Train your Dragon is their current favorite movie.
With the theme picked, I started planning. I was inspired by a contest where designers were given a $100 budget to create their parties {and the lack of funds in my bank account} and decided I was going to try to do it too.

So I pulled my resources and here is how it turned out!

A moss covered wreath with a burlap ribbon greeted guests as they arrived.

 At Hiccup's workshop I hung shields on the fence for the kids to grab and decorate.
I used the 14" cake circles from my local craft store and cut out glitter circles for the center.
Then I went to the Dollar Store and loaded up on glitter glue and various foam stickers decorating!

The kiddos decorating their shields.

Grammy bought the boys dragon Happy Nappers that double as decor!

I went with a primitive viking tablescape.
Each place setting had a pie tin for a plate
and a faux leather "Astrid" skirt or a fur "Hiccup" cape.

I used candles and vases with rocks, moss and a birthday flag.

Modeling their new viking duds.

 I converted my lemonade stand into a forest setting.

I used my Christmas trees, rocks from the backyard
and old shoe boxes covered with moss to create my forest.

 The treats included dragon cake pops, magic bars

 cupcakes, apples, berry candies, cherry fish and trail mix.

 The "Toothless" cake pops

and dragon cookies were the hands down favorites!!!

My birthday boys Hayden{top} & Ethan enjoying some birthday treats!

 I just LOVE paper straws and flags!!

 No dragon party would be complete without a dragon pond.

 My little birthday boy Riley having a blast with is partner in crime Abby!

Now are you ready for the grand total?

 I spent $91!!!

Here is the break down:

The Banner, Drink Flags, Signs, Posters and Centerpiece Flags-
I used a roll of shipping paper from the dollar store to make all of them for only $1!!!

The Shields-
I used 12 14" cake circles. I already had 6 from a previous project so I bought one package for $6 and the glitter and foam stickers came from the dollar store for a total of $5. I used a couple of scraps of glitter paper to make the center circles.

The Skirts and Capes-
The fur capes didn't cost me a penny! My mother-in-law had a couple of yards of fur in her stash from a project she never got around to so she gave it to me! For the faux leather skirts a bought a yard of brown vinyl for $6. I used two gold bead necklaces that were leftover party favors and cut the beads apart to use on the skirts.

The Wreath-
I purchased a straw wreath for $3 and a package of moss also from the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1. I used a scrap of burlap to complete the project.

The disposable pie tins I used came in 3 packs. I bought 4 pack for $14.

Cupcake Liners & Paper Straws-
These items came from The Cupcake Social for a total of $11.

Dragon Pops-
My AMAZING "toothless" cake pops were made by my dear friends Susan and Jennifer for only $24

Dragon Cookies-
I have to confess I am using a bit of a technicality on this one. My INCREDIBLE cookies came from Lori's Place. I had some money already in my pay pal account so my out of pocket expense was only $20.

I loved the challenge of trying to think of ways to use items that I already had and calling on friends and family for helping out. I absolutely LOVE the way this party turned out and most importantly my little guys had a great time celebrating their birthdays with their friends and family. :)