Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day in the Life

Like most busy working moms I get asked quite frequently, "Where do you find the time?" The truth is I always have a project with me and I work on my parties every spare second I can find. So I decided it might be fun to share a day in my life and you can experience the insanity too. :)

And so it begins....

3:00 am - Riley (my 19 month old son) wakes up shouting out, "bottle mommy, bottle." Now he doesn't normally wake up at this time but he is teething and he didn't eat his dinner because he was too busy chewing on his fork. I know he's hungry so I decide I'll get up and get him a bottle. That's when I realize that Ethan (one of my 3 year old twins) has crawled into my bed. He is like a ninja. He is always sneaking in so quietly that I sleep right through it! I was too tired to deal with him so I let him stay. He is a bit dramatic and putting him back in bed always includes a chase scene, hands on the hips, foot stomping and an "I never!"

4:00 am - Hayden (the other twin) wakes me up to tell me his pants are wet. So I take him the bathroom and get him new pj's. I was too tired to deal with the sheets so we went and slept on the couch together, because remember the other two little ones had taken over my bed. You've probably noticed by now that daddy has slept through all of this so far. :)

6:00 am - My alarm clock goes off, but I hit snooze until 6:30. I know you're thinking I thought she said she was sleeping on the couch, my alarm clock is on my phone and I always have my phone with me. :)

6:30 am - I actually get up and get ready for work. This includes a quick check of my email and facebook, making the bed and changing my clothes at least twice! (I'm seriously considering turning myself into What Not To Wear) {{lol}}

7:45 am - I grab Aaron (my 13 year old son), my lap top, purse and chai tea and we head out the door. (We should have left the house at 7:30.) I drop Aaron off at the Jr. High and head over the elementary school. The Little ones stay home with daddy, who is going to school at night and working weekends. That should be it's own blog!  {{lol}}

8:00am - 3:00pm - I am a teacher at the elementary school. I work on my party designs for about 15 min during the morning recess break and send a couple of emails to set up an up coming project. :) I run up to the office to make some copies and go pick up the class from the playground. I work on my designs for a while longer during my 45 min lunch break. Then I run over to gather some work for a student I am home schooling while she is on Home Hospital. I do more teaching, convince a student that he is NOT going to die from his mosquito bite and it's time for the kids to go home. Then I work on my designs for a few more min after school before I have to go pick up Aaron.

3:00pm - I pick up Aaron, drop him off at home and head over to work with my home school student.

4:30pm - I get home, change, say bye to my husband, who is off to class, and go outside to play with my boys and make an art project. (I use that term loosely.) {{lol}}

5:30pm - The dreaded dinner routine begins. This is my least favorite time of the day because the minute I step into the kitchen the problems begin. Aaron is now in charge and the little ones like to test his authority. He is autistic so he is quite a stickler for the rules and tends to spend most of the time pointing out all of the things they are doing wrong. So I have to keep stopping to mediate their arguments. It can be be quite frustrating. {{sigh}} In between mediating, stirring this and flipping that I also do a little more work on my computer.

6:00pm - Dinner is served, usually something that could win me a spot on Worst Cooks in America. My husband is the cook but since he has been gone every night I've had to do it. We can't wait for daddy to be done with school so we can eat good food again! :)

6:30pm - Dinner is over and the kitchen is cleaned and we have time to squeeze in a little more play time. Lately this includes a game of Sillyasaurus where mommy and Aaron get to chase the little boys around the house and tickle them. :)

7:00pm - Bath time for the little boys. This usually includes a near drowning experience and a flood in the bathroom because someone has decided to go snorkeling or have a car wash. {{lol}}

7:30pm - This is my favorite time of the day! We all sit together and enjoy a "milk beverage", as the twins call it, and watch a couple of shows before bedtime. I love snuggling with my boys!!! :)

8:30pm - Bedtime for the little boys. We sing their name songs, give kisses and hugs and lights out. Then they will get up at least one more time to go potty. 

9:00pm - Aaron goes to his bedroom, the house is quiet and Mommy Time begins! I grab my computer, a snack (because dinner wasn't very good so I didn't eat very much), turn on a chick flick and get started.

10:30pm - My Hubby gets home and we hang out and chit chat for a while then we both work on our computers for a while longer.

12:00am - It's time to call it a day and get some sleep before it's time to start it all over again. :)

It's a bit CRAZY but I wouldn't have it any other way. I LOVE my CRAZY life!!! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Welcome Back to School

Here is a look at the vintage back-to-school staff party that I created for my amazing co-workers! It was help in the school library which added to the atmosphere. :)  

I wanted to do something different than the usual note pad with the school logo on it or a fancy new lanyard with the mascot. I wanted to something that everyone would be able to enjoy and wouldn't end up getting tossed in the garbage can. The vice principal (who was throwing the party as a surprise to the staff) wanted something inspirational and that expressed her great appreciation for the amazing staff even in tough times. So I came up with the idea of a trail mix bar. I got all of the most popular items found in trail mix and displayed them separately in jars with vintage food labels. I created a vintage chalkboard sign that read: Individually these items are all great. But, together they are amazing! Thanks for being an amazing team! There were also white lunch bags, with with vintage chalkboard tags that read have an amazing year, for filling with the trail mix and a welcome back sign also made with the vintage abc flash card design.

The colors were all muted to enhance the vintage feel and there was lots of polka dot ribbon ribbon and twine adorning all the items. I love the way it turned out and the trail mix was a big hit! :)

centerpieces with a variety of vintage abc flash
card inspired pictures

close-up of the vintage tags tied with polka dot
grosgrain ribbon and twine
Trail Mix Bar

There were paper lunch sacks with vintage chalkboard
tags that read have an amazing year!
These were also tied with twine.

Vintage chalkboard sign matched the lunch bag tags

the food tags were made in muted colors and created
to look very simple for a vintage school look

the centerpieces alternated between fresh flowers
and a stack of books with an apple on top

there was a welcome back sign created with the same
vintage abc flash look also tied with ribbon and twine

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sneak Peek at the Lemonade Stand Party

Here is a sneak peek at the adorable lemonade stand party I am putting together. This is going to be such a sweet party. I can't wait to share all the details. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I saw these adorable rainbow waffles on Tip Junkie and I couldn't wait to make them!! (I added the gold coins to the plate because every rainbow needs a pot of gold at the end of it.) 

I got up bright and early to make them before my oldest had to get to school and before my little ones got up. They were so excited to see that the leprechauns had come and stuck shamrocks all over the windows and mirrors, left them new t-shirts and set a green table complete with gold coins and green jelly bellys!! :)

I've been a Kindergarten teacher for 10 years and the leprechauns always come to our classroom and leave quite a mess and I have to clean it! So, when the leprechauns came to my house I requested that they be a little more productive rather than destructive. {{LOL}}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tonight's Project

I have been wanting to spruce up my mantel and I've had a few ideas but nothing has really inspired me until I saw this Spring Moss Topiary how to on Tip Me Tuesday on So I made a run to the craft store and I am all set for tonight's project. I hope mine turns out as cute as hers did! I'll post pictures after I'm all finished. {{smiles}}

Monday, March 14, 2011

French Inspired Baby Shower

These delicious hand dipped strawberries were the perfect
centerpiece on the amazing dessert table!


The dessert table was absolutely STUNNING!!

More of the amazing desserts!

The petite cupcakes were so yummy!

There was quiche, croissant sandwiches and French Onion soup.


The GORGEOUS diaper cake!

The beautiful centerpieces

I LOVED putting this party together! It was absolutely AMAZING!
The mommy to be, who happens to be my sister, is expecting her 3rd child so we decided this shower would be all about mommy. She is expecting a boy but went as girly as ever! There was a ton of delicious food (thanks mom!) including individual servings of French Onion soup that was served in my beautiful new green ramekins (that matched perfectly) and I forgot to get a picture. I could just kick myself! Oh well, next time. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

French Themed Baby Shower

I am just putting the finishing touches on the diaper cake, dipping some strawberries in chocolate and making my first attempt at French Macaron Cookies. I hope they turn out. Luckily the shower is for my sister, so if they don't turn out she will be understanding. :) I am still don't have a plan B, so I'm crossing my fingers!! Wish me luck.
I am so excited to finally see the party come together tomorrow. It is going to be beautiful!!! I will post some pics of the diaper cake in a little while. I better get back to my baking or I will deffinately need a plan B. lol

Thursday, March 3, 2011

umi zoomi party

I LOVED all the amazing colors and patterns for this party!

Umi Citi candy bar

The bright colors made this candy bar IRRESISTIBLE!

The hand made marshmallows and pretzel sticks were a big hit!

The BOT cupcake toppers

The kids loved the GEO & MILLIE cupcakes!

The Favor bags were filled with personalized Umi Zoomi t-shirts!

The kids LOVED their t-shirts!!!

The AMAZING banner!

This party was soooo much fun! The colors were just amazing! The candy bar was set up as umi citi and filled with bright colors and patterns. The kids (and parents) could hardly wait to fill their bags! The kids were also so excited to get their own personalized umi zoomi t-shirt as a party favor.

Minnie Mouse Decor

This beautiful banner and the matching label, cupcake toppers and bags were the perfect addition to a perfectly themed 2nd birthday party.

race car party


There were so many amazing details at this party!

invitations & thank you cards

Hand dipped marshmallows and race car pretzel sticks were such a great addition!


The AMAZING candy bar!

The race car cupcakes were so much fun!

There were so many yummy treats!


The tables

The favor table included checkered flags, helmets, trophies and
even personalized t-shirts for each child!

The AMAZING personalized t-shirts favors!


The cupcake toppers

There were two race tracks for racing fun during the day.

The birthday boy and his FABULOUS birthday present!

This was an amazing party! There were so many fun details that made all the kids feel special. From the candy bar to the race track to the personalized t-shirts for each guest, there was no detail over looked.