Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Riley's 2nd Birthday

My baby boy Riley turned 2 on Sat. June 25th and my twin boys are turning 4 on Aug. 12th, so in all my wisdom, I decided I was just going to have one big party for all 3 of them.

My thought was that I would do cupcakes and a little present on their actual birthdays and then, since they are all in love with dragons right now, I would plan one fabulous dragon party for all of them. And as an added bonus I would even be able to save a little money by only having one party.

It was a great theory, but I should have known there was no way my boys {who have turned into quite the little party planners} were going to let a birthday pass without a party. They wanted a theme, a tablescale, favors and a dessert bar!

Luckily, I happened to have a few party supplies laying around the house {{smiles}} so I gathered up all my pirate stuff, printed out a pirate banner and cupcake toppers, whipped up some cupcakes and my AMAZING husband made some chocolate pirate pops, pretzel sticks and chocolate covered oreos!!!

So here are the pictures of Riley's second birthday and his unofficial birthday party....

What's a pirate party with out a mast & sail?

the dessert table

ring pops

chocolate covered pretzel sticks

chocolate covered oreos

Daddy's chocolate pirate pops

cupcakes and toppers

Riley kept alternating between the ring pop and the chocolate pop!

Ethan enjoying his pirate treasure and a pirate pop.
Hayden also enjoyed a pirate pop. They were the hit of the party!

Overall, I think it turned out pretty well for a last minute, thrown together unofficial birthday party. Riley ran around all day telling everyone, "it's my birhtday" and singing "happy birthday to Riley!!!" {{LOL}} He was as happy as could be and loved his special day. And that is what it was all about!


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  1. Super cute! I have to know the secret to creating chocolate pops with multiple colors...if your husband is willing to share, please let us know!

    My bats at halloween turned out horrific when I tried to "color" the details...i have mastered the single color chocolates but have not figured out these more complex ones...he did a great job and so did you with everything else!