Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Multi Colored Stenciled Picture Frame

Do you want to add a little fun to your picture frames? Here is an easy way to add multiple colors in two easy steps.

You will need a cheap frame, acrylic paint in the colors of your choice, foam brush, a stencil of your choice and a can of spray paint in you guessed it the color of your choice.

1. Divide your frame into sections {I divided mine into 8} and paint each section a different color.

2. Tape your stencil onto the frame {I made my own stencil to match my party printables} and spray paint over it. Once your paint is dry remove the stencil and you will have a fun multi colored, patterned frame.

I had a round sign I wanted to frame so I added a little jungle grass to the back of my sign and attached it to the OUTSIDE of the frame. But I am wild and crazy like that. :)

Doesn't it look great on my dessert table?


  1. I think I can handle this one. I'm really trying to be a bit more crafty instead of just baking all the time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love it!!! How cute and what a great idea to tie the theme into your frame!

  3. Great use of texture, color and pattern to create a fun and unique it!

  4. Fantastic...I have a couple of parties coming up, so may well use this great idea!

  5. What a great technique! Thanks for sharing!