Thursday, November 24, 2011

DIY Paper Lantern Snowman


My friend Michelle and I are in charge of the decorations for the Angel Tree Breakfast at our church.  We have limited funds and a snowman theme, so I put my thinking cap on and with Michelle's help fine tuning the idea, we came up with these ADORABLE guys! :)

1. MATERIALS - 3.5" paper lantern for the head, 8" paper lantern for the body, sock, fabric scrap, black pipe cleaner, green brad, newspaper and string.

2. Tie the two lanterns together and wrap a strip of newspaper around the neck.

3. Wrap a strip of fabric around the newspaper to create your scarf. Cross one end over the top of the other and hot glue in place. Cut fringe on the ends.

4. Cut the toe and the top off of the sock. Tie a piece of string just above the heal to create the top of your hat.

5. Stuff some newspaper in to the hat, roll the bottom of your sock hat and hot glue to the snowman's head. Take a little square of fabric and hot glue around the top of the hat and cut fringe.

6. Cut your black pipe cleaner into little pieces to create your mouth and eyes and hot glue into place. Finally hot glue on a green brad for your nose and you have your own ADORABLE little snowman center piece.

Think how cute they would be with a patterned sock or maybe some dangling pom poms from the sides for tying the hat on. An orange brad nose or even some stick arms would look great too. The possibilities are endless. Have fun and be creative!

We set ours in buckets filled with white paper shreds to keep them from rolling around. We also added a piece of glittering Christmas drape as a table runner on top of a light blue tablecloth and two little buckets filled with paper shreds and mini Styrofoam balls to complete the table. The whole table turned out SUPER CUTE! We were so proud of ourselves we were high fiving! lol


  1. Those are so cute!!! And what a great idea!!

  2. Very cute! Could you light them up? Maybe by stuffing them with Christmas lights?

  3. Super cute! What a great idea!

    a DID friend...Lindsay

  4. LOVE!! This is an amazing idea! I'm going to hunt down white paper lanterns now, It'd look great in our front window!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!! Saving this for parties next year!! LOVE it! May even find a reason to use it this year! lol