Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Welcome Back to School

Here is a look at the vintage back-to-school staff party that I created for my amazing co-workers! It was help in the school library which added to the atmosphere. :)  

I wanted to do something different than the usual note pad with the school logo on it or a fancy new lanyard with the mascot. I wanted to something that everyone would be able to enjoy and wouldn't end up getting tossed in the garbage can. The vice principal (who was throwing the party as a surprise to the staff) wanted something inspirational and that expressed her great appreciation for the amazing staff even in tough times. So I came up with the idea of a trail mix bar. I got all of the most popular items found in trail mix and displayed them separately in jars with vintage food labels. I created a vintage chalkboard sign that read: Individually these items are all great. But, together they are amazing! Thanks for being an amazing team! There were also white lunch bags, with with vintage chalkboard tags that read have an amazing year, for filling with the trail mix and a welcome back sign also made with the vintage abc flash card design.

The colors were all muted to enhance the vintage feel and there was lots of polka dot ribbon ribbon and twine adorning all the items. I love the way it turned out and the trail mix was a big hit! :)

centerpieces with a variety of vintage abc flash
card inspired pictures

close-up of the vintage tags tied with polka dot
grosgrain ribbon and twine
Trail Mix Bar

There were paper lunch sacks with vintage chalkboard
tags that read have an amazing year!
These were also tied with twine.

Vintage chalkboard sign matched the lunch bag tags

the food tags were made in muted colors and created
to look very simple for a vintage school look

the centerpieces alternated between fresh flowers
and a stack of books with an apple on top

there was a welcome back sign created with the same
vintage abc flash look also tied with ribbon and twine

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  1. A trail mix bar - what a great idea!! And that welcome back sign fabulous! Thanks for sharing :)