Thursday, March 3, 2011

umi zoomi party

I LOVED all the amazing colors and patterns for this party!

Umi Citi candy bar

The bright colors made this candy bar IRRESISTIBLE!

The hand made marshmallows and pretzel sticks were a big hit!

The BOT cupcake toppers

The kids loved the GEO & MILLIE cupcakes!

The Favor bags were filled with personalized Umi Zoomi t-shirts!

The kids LOVED their t-shirts!!!

The AMAZING banner!

This party was soooo much fun! The colors were just amazing! The candy bar was set up as umi citi and filled with bright colors and patterns. The kids (and parents) could hardly wait to fill their bags! The kids were also so excited to get their own personalized umi zoomi t-shirt as a party favor.


  1. where can I buy that banner!? Please share!

  2. How did you make the t-shirts? please share ( Thanks!!